Evangelist Deatta Parham is Administrator, Vice President and Assistant Pastor of the Word of Faith Church, Inc. She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul. “Jesus is not only my Savior, but also my Lord and my Love.” Having submitted her life to God completely she sees her real purpose as being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is responsible for the initiation of over thirty ministries in the church. Evangelist Parham obtained her Bachelors Degree in Theological Studies.

Born in Cairo, Illinois and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas by her grandparent until the age of 15yrs when they passed. Shortly after, Evangelist Parham joined the United States Army. It was during her 13yrs of active duty that she was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1980 at the Assembly of God church in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then she has served the Lord with all she has. Finding Jesus during her military career allowed her to witness to hundreds of military personnel. Many of these same people have become members of Word of Faith or have gone on to become leaders, evangelists, ministers and pastors at churches all over the world.

Pastor Freddie Parham is her pastor, husband and friend. “He is a strong, loving, Spirit-filled, committed, dedicated man of God. He has dedicated over 20yrs of his life to serving God and the people of God.” They have two children and one grandson.

In 1984, their Pastors (Voice of Pentecost, San Francisco) directed the Parhams to begin a Bible Study out of their home. It was the beginning of God doing an awesome work. In six short months they were ministering to over 60 people. People were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, delivered and healed.

In the latter part of 1984, Pastor and Evangelist Parham were instructed to begin their own church. God blessed them with free use of the chapel on Oakland Army Base. Currently located in San Pablo, CA, the Word of Faith has proven to be a ministry where faith and healing operate freely. It has been able to hold revivals, implement a strong Sunday School program, and reach the lost of the community. Today the ministry has grown to approximately 400 members. “The Glory of the Lord is with us and the Word and Worship is tremendous.”