How to Give | There are several ways!

  1. WOFC Giving Envelope
  2. PayPal (church website)
  3. The Giving Link on the Church App

Please mark your offering as "Pastor & First Lady Appreciation"


The month of October is Pastor and First Lady Appreciation Month.  We are Blessed with an opportunity to give just a fraction of what they have given to us this entire year.  Giving to them, naturally, for their unselfish commitment, dedication and overwhelming generosity toward us is a small thing.  They are committed to our spiritual welfare and they consistently strive to keep us in the “Presence of God”.  Not only do they Minister the Word, they live it.  They are excellent examples of a true Man and Woman of God.  They love Him, they Serve Him, and they demonstrate the Wisdom and Compassion of God, for the People of God, by standing with them.  Their service is not for money, but it is because they truly love God’s people, that they do what they do.  God has handpicked this Man and Woman of God especially for this season of our lives.

As you consider Blessing them in your giving, please consider their commitment to God, the Church, and the love and relationship, we share with our Pastor and First Lady.   We have seen their undying sacrifice.   Priorities sometimes keep us busy and we forget to bless and thank our Pastors.  Right this very moment, we have the power to change that, by blessing them monetarily.  Your donations in the past have been very generous and appreciated.  We thank you for the past.  Seeing how God has Blessed you this year, we ask that you step out and give a special Blessing.   We truly thank you in advance for whatever you give this year.  We ask that you would pray and seek God for His Guidance on what you should give from your heart.

We are asking those who truly know God is a Rewarder and that you cannot beat Him giving to give a $1000.00.  Married Couples give $500.00 and Singles give $250.00 by Sunday, October 27, 2019.  Our Pastors are tremendously good ground, and you will be blessed beyond measure by your giving.

As you humbly make a commitment to God, He will provide.  We love you in the Lord.