Ministry of Help

Door Greeters: This extremely critical ministry has a special purpose at Word of Faith Church. They are the welcoming committee. The Door Greeters are frequently the first people that others see when they visit the Church; therefore, it is vitally important these saints make a good “first impression.”

Ushers: The Usher Ministry serves all members, visitors, and guests. This "front line" ministry works graciously under pressure to help create a comfortable environment for everyone attending service.

Security: Serves as a welcoming presence in the Church so members and visitors feel safe and secure while they worship God and fellowship with one another. 


The Administrative Ministries

Administrative Team: The Administrative Team provides the Word of Faith Church with superior administrative support. This is a ministry of excellence.

Book Nook: Serving saints at the beginning and end of services with messages on CD, a variety of adult and youth devotionals, various Bibles, Bible covers, journals, Bibles on CD and DVD, Christian apparel/accessories, and so much more.

Sunday Plus & WOFC TV (Video, Song & Scripture display program): These ministries give support to Administrative Team by providing visual aid of songs, Scriptures, various images and videos that enhance the Services.

Computer Skills/Website/Church App/Social Media: If you have experience with computer repair, enjoy working with websites, apps and social media, then this Ministry is for you!



Audio Visual Ministries

Sound Ministry: This ministry is responsible for providing proper sound mixing in the sanctuary, turning on the necessary equipment and handling many other necessary tasks. Training is provided.

CD Ministry/Order Fulfillment: This ministry produces, duplicates, and distributes CD’s of each message of gospel preached in the sanctuary. We evangelize our generation through audio.

Video Ministry: For each service the service is projected to the overflow room. Special services are recorded, edited and then duplicated on DVD and made available to those desiring to purchase them. Assistance is needed in running the equipment and duplicating the DVD’s. Training is provided. Faithfulness and promptness is a must.


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